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Letizia & Manuel

Hi, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.
We are Letizia and Manuel, a young couple living in a small mountain village called Fuipiano, high up in Italy’s Valle Imagna.
A little while back, we realized we wanted others to discover this beautiful place that we love and care deeply about – and decided to open up our home to guests.
Our bed and breakfast, the Botton D’Oro, is ideal for couples, families with children, and groups of friends who want to spend some time away from home, relaxing, drinking in the silence and enjoying the nature that here in Fuipiano we have in abundance.
The Botton D’Oro is named after a wildflower that could once be found growing throughout the area, but which today, due to changes in climate and land use practices, is fast disappearing. As well as being beautiful in its own right, for us the flower is also something of a metaphor for the wider situation of the valley itself, which after years of neglect is in desperate need of regeneration and revitalization to realize its full potential – a process to which we hope the B&B will allow us to make our own small contribution.


Our philosophy


We aim to run the Botton D’Oro on an environmentally-friendly basis and encourage our guests to play their part, too. Some of the simple sustainable practices we have adopted include:

  • using organic, environmentally sustainable ingredients and produce sourced either locally or from Slow Food producers
  • using seasonal produce
  • sorting and recycling all our waste
  • applying creative recycling and upcycling methods for furnishings and decorations
  • obtaining our electricity from renewable sources
  • adopting an environmentally-friendly approach to bed linen, which is changed/laundered upon the arrival of each new guest, enabling us to reduce our consumption of water, electricity and detergents (we use only eco-friendly detergents and do not use softeners).
  • ensuring all promotional material, toilet paper and paper towels are made from recycled paper.

Our philosophy


Botton d ‘Oro is synonymous with rebirth and enhancement of our territory from a tourism point of view in a Slow key.

We have espoused the philosophy of slow tourism because we want to promote quality, experience and sustainability as opposed to mass tourism which is fast, high-consumption and does not value the place and its characteristics.

Our philosophy


The property is surrounded by greenery between meadows and woods, small and medium-sized animals are welcome, as long as they respect the house rules.

The rooms are used for the reception of small dogs and cats, with a bouncer and bowl, while for medium-sized dogs a special outdoor kennel has been built to let your four-legged friend rest.

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