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High up in the Valle Imagna

The Botton D’Oro is located in the small mountain village of Fuipiano Imagna. The name Fuipiano, originally meaning “beech plain” in the local dialect (‘Fui’ = “beeches” – ‘faggi’ in Italian), refers to the enchanting ancient beech woods dotted across the area, which is ideal for relaxing and enjoying walks, hikes, bicycle and horse rides.  

Both Fuipiano and the surrounding area have much more of interest besides to offer, both culturally and architecturally, including the ancient hamlets of Arnosto (once part of the Venetian Republic, with its typical flagstone roofs) and 15th century Capione; the old mule tracks, still in use today; the numerous trailside shrines; and the “albe” – ancient stone basins used for washing and as drinking troughs for animals.

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